How to prevent itching after shaving
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How to Prevent Itching After Shaving

Shaving can be painful for some people, especially for people with dry skin. People with dry skin are more prone to skin irritation, and shaving might increase the problem if they do not follow the right shaving regime. It then slowly leads to razor burns, bumps, ingrown hair and cuts.

You need to discontinue the use of soaps and shaving products that contain alcohol if you have itchy or dry skin. The reason being, these ingredients drain the natural oils that take away moisture from your skin. It also creates dryness of skin, and it will limit the movement of your razor rather than letting it slide effortlessly. For smooth and comfort shaving, you can always use Gillette SkinGuard Blades.

And we all know, Prevention is always better than cure.

How to prevent itching after shaving?

Itchy skin is a problem generally associated with sensitive skin. If you happen to ask people with sensitive skin about shaving, they might also term shaving as torture. These tips will not only make your shaving process enjoyable but also make sure you get a close shave.


Use a moisturizing facewash

Facewash and moisturizing products can be your friends if you suffer from dry skin and its after-effects. Moisturizing face wash can help you hydrate your skin, which, in turn, will minimize the after-effects due to dry skin. It will help you protect your skin from acne and pimples. Not only that, but it will also prepare your skin for a good shaving experience.

Pre-shave product

Invest in a good pre-shave product. The pre-shaving products help you lubricate your skin for a fantastic shaving experience. It also eases up the process of shaving for you. Using a shaving gel or foam can do the trick. You can pick the Gillette Sensitive Shave Gel that protects you against irritation during shaving.

Invest in a good razor

Sensitive skin is much more prone to razor cuts, and hence, you might be worried about shaving. But, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you should be able to achieve a closer shave. You don’t need to worry about cuts because of the razor. The Gillette SkinGuard razor can protect you from after-shave irritation in case you have sensitive skin.

The unique SkinGuard in between the blades shaves right through without hurting your skin. It is positioned in such a way that it works to minimize tug and pull and cut the hair at the skin level. It prevents irritation and gives you a smooth shave.

Post-shave ritual

You must own a good aftershave product for a smooth aftershave experience. Aftershave products keep your skin hydrated and moisturized after a shaving session. A good aftershave will complete your shaving regime in real sense. You can buy the Gillette Series Cool Wave Aftershave Splash that refreshes your just-shaved skin with a manly fragrance.

Although shaving on dry and sensitive skin can be uncomfortable or even painful at times, it should not stop you from shaving or having a clean-shaven look. All you need is the right set of products in your shaving kit that will help you get a smooth shave effortlessly. Following the tips on how to prevent itching after shaving given in this article will not only provide you with a great shaving experience but will also prevent itchy and dry skin.

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