Delivering Trusted Products and Ingredients

Delivering Trusted Products & Ingredients

More than 800 million people around the world trust us for their grooming needs. Today, with more than 120 years’ experience, Gillette remains as committed as ever to delivering top quality grooming products.

How we choose our ingredients

So how do we choose what does or doesn’t go into our products? At Gillette, we use three specific criteria:

Product Safety


Our scientists partner with regulatory agencies around the world to ensure we only use ingredients that are safe.
Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing

At P&G, we are committed to the long-term health of natural ecosystems that are essential to people, biodiversity and our business. Our efforts start with ensuring responsible sourcing of key commodities like wood pulp, palm oil and paper packaging.

We also go beyond our direct supply chain to protect, improve and restore ecosystems in more places, where it matters most. We are partnering and investing in nature-based solutions to positively impact more than 1.5 million acres of land, balance any remaining carbon emissions from our manufacturing operations this decade, and enable positive outcomes for people and biodiversity.
Superior Shaving Performance


We rely on 100+ years of experience and scientific research to select the best ingredients for a superior shave experience.

Our Gillette product ingredients and grooming tools are:


We participate in the SmartLabel® program in the U.S. to promote cosmetic ingredient transparency for consumers and share our key ingredients.

Cosmetic Ingredient Transparency for Consumers

Consumer Tested

Gillette products are rigorously tested by consumers before launch.

Gillette Products are Consumer Tested

Quality Assured

Our grooming products and ingredients go through rigorous quality testing.

Quality Assured Grooming Products
Our frequently used ingredients

Ingredients that make our products foam and work well

Works on your skin and hair to make our products effective.

We use ingredients like Coconut, oil

Skin loving ingredients and perfumes

Ingredients designed to make our products smell and feel good.

Aloevera is a skin loving ingredient

Keeping Products Fresh

Preservatives keep our Gillette shaving and grooming products fresh, safe, and long-lasting. Our main preservatives include:

Preservative keeps Gillette products fresh, safe
At Gillette, we actively evaluate our product formulas to check they are the best they can be.

A full list of our grooming products and their associated ingredients can be found here.

How we keep products safe

Our science-based approach is key to our journey of safely improving lives and bringing you a top-quality shave.

Our Method

The foundation


Establish ingredient safety and benefit to the user.
Define Safe Range


In line with regulatory standards.
Determine safe products and formula use


Evaluate the safety of the formula with more than 500 scientists and professionals around the world.
Continuous improvement


Monitor use and respond to any new information once product is being used.

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