How to avoid getting spots after shaving?
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How to Avoid Getting Spots After Shaving?

Shaving is an essential part of any man’s daily schedule. It is paramount to be cautious while shaving since it might lead to skin irritation and razor bumps, and cause friction against the hair follicles. If you shave without properly lubricating your skin, it could also lead to razor rashes that can cause infections and bruising.

Razor rashes can also lead to skin inflammation and redness. It forms darker discoloration when your skin heals with time. This discoloration gives your skin a spotted appearance.

Spots can ruin your clean-shaven look. So, if you are wondering how to shave without getting red spots, then you are in the right place. Here are some of the tips we found useful.


Prep well

Preparation is the key to achieve a clean, close, and perfect shave. Pre-shave preparation not only provides you with a great shave but also protects your skin from cuts and nicks.

Make sure you cleanse your face with warm water. It opens up the pores and softens your facial hair for a comfortable shaving regime. Do not dry shave.

Use a good pre-shave gel or foam

The pre-shave gel or foam is an excellent way to start with your shaving routine as it provides the needed support to your razor. A pre-shave product softens your facial hair and helps the razor to glide effortlessly on your skin.

Gillette Series Sensitive Shave Foam is an excellent choice of product that hydrates your facial hair for comfortable shaving and lathers easily to lubricate your skin for a smooth razor glide.

Invest in an excellent razor and replacements blades

Razors can help you get a clean and close shave. For that, you need to use the best razor available. A sharp razor gives you an effortless shave without applying pressure during the strokes. It glides smoothly and makes sure it cuts the hair rather than tugging and pulling.

Replace the blades whenever you feel it is happening. In the case of cartridge razors, you can use the replacement blades.

Try out the new Gillette SkinGuard razor especially designed for sensitive skin. The unique SkinGuard in between the blades shaves right through without hurting your skin. It is positioned in such a way that it reduces the tug and pull and cuts hair at skin level, thus minimizing contact between your skin and the blades. It also comes with a precision trimmer at it's back for shaving the hard-to-reach parts of your face. The new Gillette SkinGuard is also the first Gillette razor in India, which has double-lubrastrips that lubricates the skin and gives you a smooth shave.

Follow the right technique

There is no use of the right products or tools if you use it in the wrong way. Shaving against the grain can lead you to skin problems like razor rashes. Therefore, you must shave with the grain if you are thinking about how to shave without getting spots. Shaving with the grain not only avoids spots but also makes the shaving process more comfortable.

Aftershave ritual

Aftershave ritual completes your shaving regime in complete sense. Open pores are at risk of getting infected with bacteria. Hence, you should rinse your face with cold water post-shaving. Cold water closes the pores and makes sure your skin remains as healthy as it was before the shave.

Also, avoid using aftershave products that are alcohol based. It drains the moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry.

Aftershave products replenish the moisture in the skin. Try the Gillette Series Arctic Ice Aftershave Splash for a refreshing and complete aftershave experience.

Spots can be due to razor rashes. Razor rashes can be avoided if you follow the right steps while shaving. It is important that you use the right products to make sure you do not face any skin issues, especially like razor rashes. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your skin.

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