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How to Achieve a Perfect Clean Shave: Face Shaving Tips

Beards have grown in popularity in recent years, although a well-groomed and clean shaven look is still considered by many to be a timeless look. Men all over have begun to appreciate the importance of self-care and how crucial it is to devise a well-thought out shaving regime.

Sporting a clean shaven look makes one appear professional, elegant, and is one of the best ways to highlight your facial features such as a strong jawline among other stand-out facial features.

Your face is one of the first things people around you notice and develop an impression about you. A well-groomed man inspires confidence in their abilities and composure among their peers. A lot of times, people still end up making avoidable mistakes when it comes to shaving. Mistakes such as shaving against the grain, not maintaining hygiene with their razors and using products that aren’t well suited for their skin. Here are a few tips on how to get a clean shave and how to look good on a clean shave.


Soften your beard

Make sure you soften your beard before exposing it to a trimmer or a razor. To do that, you can use warm water. You can take full advantage of your steamy warm water bath as it opens up the pores and helps you get an easy shaving routine.

Foam it up

Using a shaving gel or foam, make sure you lather it right. Apply the foam on your face using the same brush.

You can opt for Gillette Series Pure and Sensitive Shave Foam for a smooth shave and refreshing feel. Lathering your shaving foam also helps in protecting your skin from nicks and cuts.

Shave it off

You need to be careful and ready to make sure you follow the process correctly. You can do it by choosing the right shaving products and adding them to your shaving kit. Razor is the most crucial tool in your shaving kit. You must use the one with which you and your skin are most comfortable with.

For example, if you have sensitive skin, you can choose the Gillette SkinGuard razor that protects you from razor bumps, acne, and pimples. The SkinGuard technology helps you in achieving a closer and clean shave.

Second shave

The best way to get a clean shave is to shave it twice. You can go for a second round to make sure you have covered all the areas. In the first round, you can shave with the grain, and in the latter, you can opt for going against the grain.

Cuts and nicks

We all have faced the situation where we have cut ourselves while shaving. And, that’s pretty normal. Sometimes, things go wrong. You can use a styptic pencil or a piece of alum to recover from that cut. The best way to avoid such cuts and nicks is to change your razors from time to time, not over exert on your face and use quality products such as razors and shaving foam.

Using the right aftershave

You can use a splash of cold water to cool down your face after shaving. It also helps you close the pores again to protect your skin from infection or bacteria. After that, make sure that you use an excellent aftershave product to replenish your skin. Add the Gillette Series Cool Wave Aftershave Splash to your shaving kit and do not worry about making your aftershave right.

If you were wondering, how to get a clean-shaven face, then this guide is a perfect way to start with your shaving routine. Teaming up the right products like Gillette SkinGuard razors and Gillette Series Pure and Sensitive Shave Foam along with Gillette Series Cool Wave Aftershave Splash can give you the clean shave look you were looking for since a long time.

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