Are multi-blade razors better than Single blade razors for sensitive skin
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Single Blade Razors for Sensitive Skin - Are they Better than Multi-blade Razors?

Contrary to popular belief, men too face a number of issues with their skin and sensitive skin is one of the most prominent one of those issues. Sensitive skin can cause a number of problems when shaving and grooming facial hair which end up causing ingrown hair, burns and rashes. .

Therefore, it is essential that you must take extra care of your skin while shaving.

To enjoy a smooth shave, investing in a good razor is a must. There are various types of razors available in the market, like safety razors, disposable razors, cartridge razors, and so on. Broadly, razors are of two types – single blade razors and multi-blade razors.

Single blade razors are the ones that have only a single blade, as the name suggests. It could be a safety razor or straight razor but as the number of blades increase, choices get more complicated Multi-blade razors have two, three, or four blades as the variants and have often been claimed to provide a clean and close shave.

Single blade razors

Single blade razors have been in the world since King C Gillette patented the best design of single blade razors. You will find many older generation people using a single blade razor. Single blade razor for sensitive skin is an excellent pick for shaving, but it has a sharp edge, which might cut your skin if not taken care of the angle at which you press it.

Another good part is unlike some multi-blade razors, single blade razors can decrease the chances of ingrown hair or razor bumps. Hence, you can practice with these safety razors if you are thinking of switching to straight razors.

The drawback of using a single blade razor for sensitive skin is that it might take a while to master the art. While it gives you a clean shave without any bumps or ingrown hair, there is a fair chance that you will cut your skin if you are in the learning phase.

Multi-blade razors

Men use multi-blade razors, popularly known as cartridge razors these days, across the world. These razors have a common approach that says the first blade pulls the hair up and the second and third cut the hair. This technique is sound although sometimes it ends up cutting the hair under the skin.

It undoubtedly provides a clean and close shave, but increases the chances of ingrown hair, especially for men with curly hairs.

One of the most innovative and refreshing razor designs by Gillette, the Gillette SkinGuard razor was released in the market especially for men with sensitive skin. The unique SkinGuard in between the blades shaves right through without hurting your skin. It is positioned in such a way that it reduces the tug and pull. It comes with a trimmer at it's back which cuts hair at skin level, thus minimizing contact between your skin and the blades. The new Gillette SkinGuard is also the first Gillette razor in India, which has double-lubrastrips that lubricates the skin and gives you a smooth shave.

Final word

The choice of single blade vs multi-blade razors is one of the debates that all shaving enthusiasts will jump in to win. To make your shaving experience smooth and memorable, you better choose right!

Single blade razors are suitable for shaving sensitive skin provided you have the expertise otherwise we would suggest you to stay away from them. The best way to get a clean shave and prevent razor burns or ingrown hair is to use the Gillette SkinGuard, which is designed especially for sensitive skin.

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