Beard facts that you probably did not know
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9 Beard Facts you Probably did not Know

Beards can completely transform your appearance and change your look but to get to the point where your beard is as glorious and majestic as you want it to be, we all have to be patient and vigilant. A true beard lover knows everything there is to know about beards, beard care and everything related to the subject but we are sure you would not have known the following beard facts.

From mildly entertaining to the more astonishing ones, these beard facts will blow your mind and make you fall in love with your beard all over again! Check out these 9 amazing facts about beards that include beard lovers such as yourself, and also an extremely entertaining fact about ‘Beard Tax’.

Read on to find out more fascinating beard facts;


Some people have a fear of beards

Yes, you might be a big fan of beards, but the person standing next to you might be terrified of beards. So much, that he terms it more like a phobia. Pogonophobia is the fear of beards and it is not as humorous as you may think it is. Symptoms of Pogonophobia include nausea, feelings of dread, sweating, and irregular heartbeat.

Beards have been known to increase social status

A study conducted by Dixson and Vasey in 2012 says that women find men with beards to be of higher social status. So, you can ditch that expensive smartphone and focus on saving for your shaving expenses.

Beards protect you

If you are allergic to pollen or dust, then you have one other reason to grow that beard. It can protect you from pollen and dust allergies. So, if you have asthma and need some assistance, grow a long beard and wait for it. That’s a proven fact, just in case you think it is for fun purposes. Beards reduce the chances of bacterial infection.

Beard adds a layer of protection to your skin. It protects you from skin-issues like blemishes and in-grown hair along with cuts and nicks that can bring in bacteria, leading to infections. So, there you have it, one more health fact about beards.

Abraham Lincoln’s beard

Did you know, an 11-year-old kid wrote a letter to Mr. Abraham Lincoln asking him to grow a beard? The message read: you would look a great deal better, for your face is so thin. This is one of the facts that many people do not know about Abraham Lincoln’s beard. Also next time a 11-year-old kid gives you a suggestion on the beard, you should take it.

Hoplite mind games

Alexander the great was against beards in his infantry. He believed that beards were dangerous in hand-to-hand combat and made his men shave. The beard grew back within some time, and the men did not shave to display the lack of fear.

Russia charged tax for growing beards

In the 17th century, men had to pay 100 rubbles as tax for having a beard. It also entitled them to a medallion that said, the beard is a useless burden. You would have to pay an extra tax if you were born in the 17th century and grew a beard!

The time spent by men while shaving

You would be surprised to know that a guy who shaves regularly spends around 3350 hours of his lifetime in shaving. Now, that’s something you weren’t expecting, were you?

Longest beard record

Among the people alive right now, Shamsher Singh from Punjab holds a record to have the longest beard in the world with a length of about 1.83m. Hans Langseth had 5.33m long beard at the time of his death in 1927, which is the longest beard measured so far.

The next time you are having a spirited discussion with your bearded friends, make sure you drop a few of these golden nuggets of knowledge and impress your peers with your bottomless wisdom about beards!

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