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The earliest razor handles were very simple: a razor was just a single blade fixed to a straight handle. Times have changed, and razor technology has improved, driven by Gillette’s ongoing quest for a closer, more comfortable shave.
All Fusion razors fit all Fusion ProGlide and Fusion blades. All MACH3 razors fit all MACH3 blade refills.

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  • Gillette SkinGuard Razor

    Gillette SkinGuard sensitive razor is a revolutionary product launched by Gillette. Not every man’s skin is the same, and if you have acne on your face, or sensitive skin, or simply fear the impact of multi-blade razors on your skin, Gillette SkinGuard razor is the right razor for you. The unique SkinGuard in between the blades shaves right through without hurting your skin. The SkinGuard between the blades is positioned in such a way that it works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, thus minimizing contact between your skin and the blades. The new Gillette SkinGuard is also the first Gillette razor in India, which has double-lubrastrips that lubricates the skin and gives you a smooth shave.

    This 2-blade razor also comes with a precision trimmer. Precision trimmer on the back is great for shaving the hard-to-reach parts of your face. It will assist you in styling the facial hair. Therefore, whether you have a clean-shaven look, a moustache or a goatee, SkinGuard will help you achieve the look of your dreams.

    Overall Rating

  • Fusion® ProGlide® Manual Razor with Flexball TechnologyTM

    The Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor with FlexBall Technology makes maximum contact* over contours and gets virtually every hair. Featuring long-lasting performance—1 refill equals up to 1 month of shaves**—our best blades are now 2X preferred when used with FlexBall Technology (overall preference vs. former ProGlide, among ProGlide users).

    Features include:

    • 5 thinner, finer blades†† for less tug and pull*
    • A precision trimmer on back for accurate edging
    • All Fusion razor blades fit all Fusion handles
    • Gillette's #1 razor on sensitive skin

    * Among Fusion razors
    ** Based on 4 shaves per week over average cartridge consumption
    †† First four blades vs. Fusion

    Overall Rating
    ₹499.00 MSRP

  • MACH3® Turbo Razor

    Upgrade your MACH3 shaving experience! Gillette MACH3 Turbo features sharper blades* and delivers a closer shave without all the irritation.**

    The Turbo Cutting Blades cut hair more easily for superior comfort with less tug and pull.*** At the same time, the long-lasting Comfort Gel Bar helps keep your MACH3 Turbo gliding across your skin with comfort.

    This razor includes 2X more Skin Guard fins for a smooth shave.**** The responsive blade suspension keeps the blades in close contact with your skin, and the pressure-adjusting pivot adapts to contours for a comfortable, easier shave.†

    It still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable does on its first.‡

    Try with MACH3 shave gels.

    *First two blades vs. MACH3.
    **Vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.
    ***First two blades vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.
    ****Vs. MACH3.
    † Vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.
    ‡ Overall preference vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.

    Overall Rating
    ₹200.00 MSRP

  • Vector3® Razor

    With 3 self-adjusting, easy-to-rinse blades and a non-slip rubber grip, the Gillette Vector3 Razor gives an extremely close and fast shave compared to your current double-edge blade.

    Overall Rating
    ₹110.00 MSRP


    The All Purpose Gillette STYLER trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges precisely. Styler has everything you need to achieve any facial hair style:

    The Gillette All Purpose STYLER combines Fusion ProGlide blades and a Braun-engineered trimmer to trim evenly, shave closely, and edge precisely. This all-purpose tool is waterproof and shower safe, so you can trim while you shower, and it works with all Gillette Fusion blade refills, so you can easily master your signature facial hair style with just one tool.

    Overall Rating
    ₹1,500.00 MSRP

  • BODYTM Disposable Razor

    The first razor built for male terrain. With rounded-head technology, this razor is designed to go where other razors aren’t. 
    Experience comfort even in the toughest hard-to-reach areas every time you shave.

    Product features:

    3 Lubricating Strips for outstanding glide; 
    Forward-pivoting head easily adapts to body contours; 
    An anti-slip grip for exceptional control, even in the shower.

    Overall Rating
    ₹250.00 MSRP

  • Presto 3 Disposable Razor

    Gillette’s Presto 3 is Gillette’s great value 3-bladed men’s disposable razor. It gives you 7 clean shaves and fewer nicks and cuts (vs. Presto disposable).

    Gillette’s Presto 3 is equipped with 3 spring mounted blades for a close, smooth and comfortable shave.

    Its open architecture allows easier rinsing and it features a Lubrastrip for an easy glide as well as a fin guard to help stretch the skin and prepare the hair to be cut. With Gillette’s Presto 3 you’ll get a shave others will notice, but your wallet won’t.

    Overall Rating
    ₹30.00 MSRP

  • Presto® Disposable Razor

    Gillette Presto is a man’s best friend on those days when he has to get to work in a jiffy and still sport that smart look. Gillette Presto Razors feature two blades that perfectly remove facial hair while gliding across the face with less tug and pull.

    Overall Rating
    ₹20.00 MSRP

  • MACH3® Sensitive Razor

    Enjoy a clean shave with less feel irritation - even on sensitive skin.* Product features: enhanced lubrication strip that lasts longer; enhanced microfins to help stretch skin and prepare the hair to be cut; 3 spring mounted blades to adjust to skin variations and shaving pressure.

    For best shaving performance, use MACH3 Sensitive Blades with this razor handle.

    * MACH3 razors vs. Gillette® CustomPlus®; previously sold as M3POWER

    Overall Rating
    ₹180.00 MSRP