How to Care for Your Razor
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How to Care for Your Razor: Blade Cleaning and Storage Tips

Typical Razor Use

How to use your Razor

Every razor gets some wear and tear, but there are certain parts of a razor that can take a beating when they’re not taken care of properly.

While the blades on your Gillette razor are replaceable, you should get up to 15 shaves out of them before it’s time to switch them out (depending on the thickness of your facial hair).

Keeping your blades clean is a great way to avoid a bad shave, so are you doing it right? Let’s start with what not to do.

The Don’ts of Razor Cleaning

To help your razor shave better (and for longer), make sure you’re not making these common cleaning mistakes:

The Tap

Don’t tap the razor cartridge against the sink. This can damage your razor and keep it from working its best.

The Towel

Don’t wipe your razor on a towel. This damages the blades and makes them less effective. Instead, just let your razor air dry.

The Do’s of Razor Cleaning

Here are some tips for cleaning your razor:


Rinse your razor under running water every few strokes. Let the water run through the blades from front to back to get rid of any leftover hairs. If you’re using a razor with a front pivot like our Gillette Fusion5 razors, the blades should rinse easily.

You can save some water by dipping your razor in a glass of water or the water in your sink to clean it off.


Shake off any extra water and let your blades air dry. No wiping needed.


Store your razor someplace dry, like a razor holder.

Now you know. Make good razor cleaning habits part of your grooming routine. When you’re ready for a new set of blades, Gillette’s got you covered.

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