The power of being surrounded by positive people



A steady presence, an uplifting hand, and a supportive listening ear are often the most important things a posive role model can provide to young men looking for guidance as they grow.

Maybe you had a great role model of your own as a kid. Or, perhaps you traveled the path to manhood largely alone. What matters is that you’ve been there and have experience to share. Join us and learn about how you can be a guide for the next generaon starng today.


Gillette’s global partner, Equimundo, idenfied four behavior areas where role models can make a meaningful impact for the boys they support:

Well-rounded development and social growth benefit from tapping into our full range of emotions — especially those feelings we may have been taught are not "OK" for boys to express. Be a model for the next generaon by showing your own emotions. Through your own actions, you demonstrate that it’s OK to be expressive and share feelings in healthy ways.

It’s been said for many years: When you look good, you feel good. But it’s not about looking perfect. The real goal is looking and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Knowing that you put in the effort to be the best YOU that you can be. Role models can help boys understand what it looks like to find a style that fits their personality, not just how to follow the pack.

Using your voice to help when someone else is being hurt is among the hardest things any boy — or man — can do. It’s intimidating, and you may worry that standing up against a bully will make you a target, too. By raising our voices of support together we will all move forward to a more empowering future

Men who crochet. Who are nannies. Who dance ballet. Who choose to be stay-at-home parents. It’s true the hobbies, careers, sports and lifestyles that were considered atypical a generation ago are now more mainstream. That’s because role models are helping show boys the full range of options available to them — and supporng their journey to pursue these goals no matter the obstacles.

Role models come in many forms, from many backgrounds and walks of life. What matters most is their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

We’re proud to showcase and celebrate the men and organizations partnered with Gillette around the world. Their work and everyday actions truly model the best men can be.
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Founder of the grassroots movement The Confess Project, aiming to train barbers to be mental health advocates, particularly for the Black community.

Lorenzo Lewis,  trains on mental health


United States Veteran, former educator and current member of the Gillette Gaming Alliance, recognized at The Game Awards for representing the bold and inclusive future of video games.

Deejay Knight, member of Gillette Gaming Alliance


Football Beyond Borders mentor who helps young men know they’re not alone in their journey to manhood.

Timi, a Football mentor helping  boys shape their journey to manhood


Launched a new educational program with Football Beyond Borders and Gillette, focused on British Black History, which is currently missing from school curriculum.

Ian Wright, launched Educational program with football beyond borders and Gillette
Some ideas on converstaion starters to help connect


Just being a part of the conversation helps. Check out the conversation starters designed by experts at Equimundo to help you connect with boys at any age. We even have action steps and scripts to help break gender stereotypes when talking with the young people in your life.

Materials for the development of young men


In the coming months, a wealth of open-source materials will come online from Equimundo’s "Global Boyhood Initiative." These resources will be globally available to individuals and non-profit organizations looking to make a difference in the lives of young men everywhere.

Volunteer at local non-profit organization


If you’re looking to volunteer, local non-profits in your area are likely looking for support. You can check out our partners, or search for your own locally-based organization to learn about opportunities.