Beard shapes for men with round face
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6 Beard Styles for Round Faces

You can rock any style you want, but some beards just look better on round faces. Popular style tips for this face shape include keeping your hair trimmed, avoiding long sideburns, and maintaining a trimmed neckline. The right style can even slim your face, keeping you looking young and sharp.

Make sure you’ve got the best tools for the job, then check out these beard styles to find the perfect one for your face.

Beards for Round Faces

Van Dyke Beard

You can thank a painter named Sir Anthony van Dyck (who lived over 300 years ago) for this look. The “Van Dyke” is basically a full goatee with a detached mustache.

Short Boxed Beard

For this style, your beard should wrap around your face. Use a beard trimmer to create a solid beard line under your jaw and keep the sides of your face trimmed thin and neat. That’s the Short Boxed Beard.

Balbo Beard

Think Short Boxed Beard but without sideburns. A Balbo Beard has a floating moustache with facial hair that’s more full on the chin. An angled shave along the cheekbones completes the look.

Anchor Beard

Combine a mustache with some facial hair along the jawline, and you’ve got an Anchor Beard. Define the shape of the beard before you shave the rest of your face clean.

Ducktail Beard

A pointed “ducktail” beard looks like it sounds. This style is shaped in a way that looks like a ducktail from your chin: long and pointy, with short sides, and a neat mustache. You’ll need thick beard hair to pull off this style.

French Beard

This style may have started in France, but it’s popular everywhere; probably because it’s low maintenance and looks great. Start growing a full beard, then use your razor to shave your cheeks and jawline clean. Only leave facial hair around your mouth.

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