Beard oil side-effects & benefits
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Beard Oil Uses, Benefits and Side Effects to Know About

Beard oil is known to have significant importance in grooming and maintaining your beard styles. It works wonders for your facial hair, thanks to the conditioning effect it provides. You can count many beard oil uses. One of its use is it can act as a foolproof method to avoid that itchy beard problem you might face. But that does not mean that there are no disadvantages of using a beard oil. Let us understand both, the benefits and side effects of using a beard oil.

Beard oil uses

Growing a beard is a difficult task for most men. You require a lot of patience to grow it well and also have to make sure that it is always clean and nourished. If you do not keep your facial hair clean, there is a good chance that you will be facing issues such as split ends, dandruff, or itching. Using a beard oil can help you provide that extra care to keep your beard feeling healthy and nourished.

In case you are wondering why to use a beard oil, here are some reasons you must know about:


Provides nourishment and hydration

Nourishment and hydration are two important things that a beard requires to grow well. Beard oil provides the required nourishment to your beard and helps soften the facial hair to make it more manageable. It also hydrates the beard and the skin beneath it.

Prevents itching and dandruff

Beard dandruff is something that most bearded people face at least once. Dry, dead skin leads to scratching, which can lead to dandruff. Beard oils provide the required moisturization to the skin beneath and prevent dandruff and itchiness. This is one of the beard oil benefits, which helps in keeping the itching away.

Taming the facial hair

You could grow a beard that looks perfectly fine, but if you do not keep the neckline clean and your facial hair shaved properly, the beard might look unkempt. Hence, we recommend that you pick the Gillette SkinGuard razor to keep up with your shaving regime. The precision trimmer at the back makes sure that you get the best experience, and the SkinGuard reduces the tug and pull issue. On the other hand, beard oil will help you in taming your facial hair carefully, making it more manageable.

Beard oil side-effects

Most over-the-counter products are associated with some side effects, mild or otherwise, and beard oil is no different. Here are some beard oil side effects you could potentially face while using it.


Allergic reactions

Most beard oils are made of all-natural ingredients, but it is still possible for it to cause an allergic reaction on your skin. There are hundreds of essential oils and carrier oils used in formulating beard oils, which may or may not suit your skin type. To avoid this, start by applying small amounts at the start and gradually increase the amount as needed. You should think about this beard growth oil side-effects you must try and stay away from.

Dandruff and dry skin

This problem might sound weird, but yes, the sole reason for using beard oil is to hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized so that it does not lead to dandruff and dry skin. If your beard oil contains sesame seed oil, hemp seed oil, canola oil, or others which have polyunsaturated fats, drop the bottle there since your beard oil is poorly formulated. This may hurt the hormones responsible for growing facial hair. In addition, it is bound to cause issues like dry skin and dandruff in the long run.

Sensitive to sunlight

Few essential oils increase your skin's photosensitivity. It means that your skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight, which increases the risk of sun damage due to UV rays.

Beard oil is a great grooming tool to have by your side if you have a full beard or a goatee. Sporting a beard can be frustrating, as it requires a lot of patience and maintenance. If you want to avoid this, you can switch back to the classic and timeless clean-shaven look. A little moisturizing and a good shaving regime will help you in keeping your skin healthy and avoid cuts, nicks, or bumps.

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