Two young Girls Shave Stereotypes & Groom the Next Generation: #BarbershopGirls

Indian men & Barbers have always had a special relationship. Well over 50 crore men almost once a month trust the barbers for that best shave. Barber salons of all types and sizes in India are a common sight across the country, shared between big cities, small towns and villages. A broken mirror, a creaky chair, a couple of combs, some water to wet the hair and sharp Gillette blades, a barber is born. These barber shops are more than a unique Indian institution, it’s a culture. Historically, these shops are always run by men. They have acquired the position of the local catch-up place to spend afternoons for the men. A place run by men for men.

thank Gillette for sharing our story

Thus, it’s unbelievable when a remote village in UP, Banwari Tola, saw a barbershop being run by young girls’ named Jyoti (16) and Neha (14). Challenging gender stereotypes, the girls took over the shop after their father suffered a paralysis attack. With the assumption that men wouldn’t get themselves groomed at the hands of these girls, they disguised themselves as boys and continued running the shop. Encouraged by their father, they eventually shed their disguise and to their surprise, the men in the village accepted this willingly. Banwari Tola is the perfect example of a village that shatters gender stereotypes and fosters the spirit of gender equality, because for them, a razor doesn’t discriminate between a boy and a girl.

barbershop being run by young girls

Speaking on their journey, Jyoti & Neha Kumari said, “We just wanted to make a difference and do something for our family. With our Bapu not being able to run the barbershop, it was on us to continue running it. We trusted our skill and thankfully our father, family and the village men supported us. We hope this inspires young boys and girls to do what it takes to be their best. We also thank Gillette for sharing our story to the world and helping us work towards our dreams’’.

The best men can be

Gillette Global recently launched a new mission through its campaign called We Believe and charitable program (The best men can be) dedicated to celebrating the stories in our society making a positive impact, and to inspire to the next generation.

Speaking on the story, Karthik Srivatsan, Associate Director & Country Category Leader, Shave Care, Indian Sub-Continent at P&G, said, “Neha & Jyoti and the entire village of Banwari Tola are an example of how when we take positive actions, we create meaningful change and set the right example for next generation. Gillette is proud to further enable their dream through our Saflta Apni Muthi Mein program (Safalta Apni Mutthi Main). It’s time we acknowledge that brands, like ours, play a role in influencing culture. Our actions need to inspire us all to be better every day, and to help create a new standard for boys to admire and for men to achieve. Because the boys of today are the men of tomorrow.’’

Gillette supports men to look, feel and be their best, every day

We believe that what a man presents to the world, how he looks, feels and acts, has a direct impact on the world. That is the reason why we support men who always seek to give their best, which is why we are committed to contributing from our place to help all men show their best version.