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  • MACH3® Razor Blades

    Get a closer shave and less irritation that lasts 2X longer than disposables.*

    Product features: 3 Advanced Anti-Friction Blades remove each hair with less irritation; 5 Comfort Guard Microfins smooth skin for an even, effortless shave; Lubrication Strip fades to white when effectiveness is reduced.

    For best shaving performance, use a MACH3 Razor with this razor blade.

    * MACH3 razors vs. Gillette® two-blade disposables, comparing average number of shaves reported by consumers in 2010–2011 national surveys

    Overall Rating
    ₹235.00-₹975.00 MSRP

  • MACH3® Turbo Razor Blades

    Upgrade your MACH3 shaving experience! Gillette MACH3 Turbo features sharper blades* and delivers a closer shave without all the irritation.**

    The Turbo Cutting Blades cut hair more easily for superior comfort with less tug and pull.*** At the same time, the long-lasting Comfort Gel Bar helps keep your MACH3 Turbo gliding across your skin with comfort.

    This razor includes 2X more Skin Guard fins for a smooth shave.**** The responsive blade suspension keeps the blades in close contact with your skin, and the pressure-adjusting pivot adapts to contours for a comfortable, easier shave.†

    It still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable does on its first.‡

    Try with MACH3 shave gels.

    *First two blades vs. MACH3.
    **Vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.
    ***First two blades vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.
    ****Vs. MACH3.
    † Vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.
    ‡ Overall preference vs. Presto® Disposable Razor.

    Overall Rating
    ₹310.00-₹580.00 MSRP

  • Fusion® Proglide® Manual Razor Blades

    Our blades are now 2X preferred* when used with FlexBall™ Technology. Our thinner, finer blades** have an advanced low-resistance coating for less tug and pull.†

    Product features:

    Blade stabilizer that maintains optimal blade spacing for comfort, precision trimmer for accurate edging, our most advanced blade coating, enhanced Lubrastrip®†† with a smooth glide. For maximum contact†, try with the Fusion ProGlide Power razor with FlexBall Technology. All Fusion blades fit all Fusion handles.

    * Overall preference vs. former ProGlide, among ProGlide users 
    ** First four blades vs. Fusion 
    † Among Fusion Razors 
    †† Vs. Mach3

    Overall Rating
    ₹525.00-₹1,690.00 MSRP

  • Fusion® Manual Razor Blades

    More comfort.* Less feel of irritation* with a 5-blade shaving surface for a precise shave. Microfin Comfort Guard results in less feel of shaving irritation than MACH3®.

    Product features:

    Provides a 5-blade shaving surface for a precise shave;
    Flexible Comfort Guard follows the contours of your face;
     Precision Trimmer handles tricky areas, such as sideburns and under your nose;
    Try with the Fusion ProGlide® Razor with FlexBall™
    Technology for maximum contact** (vs. Fusion) and to get virtually every hair.

    For best shaving performance, use a Fusion Manual Razor with this razor blade.

    * Vs. MACH3
    ** Among Fusion razors over the contours

    Overall Rating
    ₹465.00-₹1,475.00 MSRP

  • Vector3® Razor Blades

    Gillette Vector-3 Blades adjust automatically to the contours of your skin. Triple blades shave you three times with each stroke, for a faster, less irritating shave.

    Overall Rating
    ₹130.00-₹400.00 MSRP

  • BODYTM Razor Blades

    The first shaving system built for male terrain, designed to go where face razors aren’t. 
    Experience comfort even in the toughest, hard-to-reach areas every time you shave. 

    Product features:

    Rounded head for the tricky spots; 
    3 Lubricating strips for outstanding glide; 
    Forward pivoting head easily adapts to contours.

    For best shaving performance, use a Gillette BODY Razor with this razor blade.

    ₹200.00 MSRP

  • Guard® Razor Blades

    Gillette Guard Razor Blades feature a single-blade system lined with a safety comb to prevent nicks and cuts. A superior grip and flexible pivoting razor head help blades better maneuver the curves of the face, chin, and neck compared to double-edge blades.

    ₹10.00-₹50.00 MSRP

  • Wilkinson® Razor Blades

    Wilkinson Sword Blades have Triple coating to resist corrosion, for added durability, and for less irritation. Blades maintain their edges even longer than stainless steel blades. Use with a double-edge handle.

    ₹15.00-₹25.00 MSRP

  • MACH3® Sensitive Razor Blades

    Soothing, smooth, and reliable, these blades deliver a clean shave, with less irritation even on sensitive skin.* Later, irritation. Product features: 3 PowerGlide® Blades deliver amazing closeness; Spring-Mounted Blades automatically adjust to levels of pressure; Protective Microfins help prevent nicks and cuts.

    For best shaving performance, use a MACH3 Sensitive Skin Men's Razor with this razor blade.

    * MACH3 razors vs. Gillette® CustomPlus®; previously sold as M3POWER

    ₹16.89-₹25.99 MSRP